Botox Lash Lift & Tint

About Botox Lash Lift & Tint

Lash Botox is a lash lift (think perm but for your lashes!) and
treatment designed to lift, repair, thicken, and lengthen your natural lashes while nourishing, strengthening, and promoting the growth of your natural lashes. 

Lash Botox is the latest and most innovative treatment alternative to lash extensions to accentuate what you already have – team it up with a tint to make your natural lashes stand out without the hassle of smudging mascara applications!

Price: $109 (with tint)
           $100 (without tint)


  1. Avoid applying eye makeup or oil-based products on the lashes
  2. Remove contact lenses before the procedure
  3. Inform the technician about any eye conditions or allergies
  4. Ensure lashes are clean and free from mascara or residue
  5. Avoid caffeine intake to reduce eye sensitivity


  1. Avoid water contact on lashes for 24 hours after the procedure
  2. Steer clear of oil-based products or heavy eye makeup for 24 hours
  3. Do not rub or touch the lashes excessively
  4. Skip using waterproof mascara to maintain the lift
  5. Attend any recommended follow-up appointments for optimal results
  6. If irritation occurs, use a gentle eye cleanser and consult the technician
  7. Sleep on your back to prevent rubbing your lashes against the pillow
  8. Moisturize lashes with recommended products to keep them healthy
  9. Schedule touch-up appointments as advised for a continuous effect