About Threading

Lash & Brow Palace is an eyebrow threading specialist, we
pride ourselves in our craft in this traditional method of hair removal.

Brow threading allows us to remove unwanted hair with unmatched accuracy and precision. Facial threading involves a doubling & technique that creates friction to pull out the hairs from the root.

Threading is quicker than plucking and most people find it less painful than waxing. It is gentle on the skin, leaving with less redness and irritation in comparison to other hair removal options.

Brow & face threading is safe and suitable for all skin types, especially for problematic, acne-prone, and different textures of skin. The added bonus is that when your hair grows back, it will be thinner after a few threading sessions.


Brow Threading – $22
Brow Waxing – $23
Brows & Lip Threading – $35
Partial Face Threading – $22
Lip Threading – $17

Chin Threading – $17
Neck Threading – $22
Nose Wax – $10
Ear Wax – $10
Deluxe Full Face (Brow, Lip, Chin, Sides, Neck & Forehead) – $75